Egotistical Inspiration


How did you get into inspirational writing?

I have always love and tried to do my best to encourage and inspire my friends and family to do, have, and be the best that they can be.   At a young age my grandmother planted knowledge and a love in Christ, so I have always known Christ, but when I rededicated my life and seriously the fire to share grew.

I saw writing and using the internet as an outlet to others. Ironically, in high school I hated writing.


What is your goal with your writing/teaching?

My goal with the writing is simply to encourage and uplift the people that may already know Jesus and to plant a seed in the lives of those who do not know.  Prayerfully they will be inspired to seek a relationship with Jesus Christ for themselves.


Where do you draw inspiration from?

I am just so excited, honored, and it is truly humbling to know that Jesus chooses to speak through me. So my inspiration is first and foremost comes from God, second is my Bishop, and third is from everyday conversation, being open to talk and more importantly hear them. 

 What are some of the daily events that shape the ideas in your head?

To name a few that things that seem to be the major aspects people are dealing with are: unforgiveness, bitterness, depression, worry, lost of joy, and the lack of confidence to make the moves God is calling them to make.


Can you suggest some reading or exercises that will help with staying motivated and positive?

I recently read an excellent book regarding this subject and I encourage others to take the time and read it. The book is called “Power Thoughts” by Joyce Meyers. Great, great book. 


Talk about your blog?

The mission of the website is to encourage and inspire people.  There are full blogs, there are “Thoughts of the Day”, which are kind of like mini blogs that are wrote on the fly.  The SpiritChecker section is powerful, it is a daily scripture along with a theme to help ensure our daily walk is in line with God’s Word. Oh, and a newly add section called “Inspirational Corner” this is where people can submit their testimonies for others to encouraged by. I truly believe that our testimonies are meant to encourage and strengthen others.

Also on the site is my contact information: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and email. Please go to the site and browse around, subscribe to the blog and add me on the social network sites.


Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would just like to thank egotisticalme, my good friend Alan Davis, for giving me this opportunity to do this interview. This was a great honor. God bless and as always Be ENCOURAGED!!!




Dear Reader:

I know you are probably wondering or even a slightly confused about the name I have chosen “Egotistical Me” and rightfully so this letter is to you.

If you believe that me being egotistical means that I am overly confident or overly conceited; then in return I believe that your confidence that you should have in yourself is lacking. I have not and never will prepare or set myself to be second best or third best. Each and everyday my two feet, that God has blessed me with, hit the floor I am expect to perform as the best. In order to do so I have to believe that I can be the best. No, better yet, I have to KNOW that I am the best.

Through my faith and preparation I will not settle and I refuse to become complacent and stagnate in life. Even in His word God has command me and given me the assignment that I am to continuously be productive, progressive, and 10 times better. (John 15:2 and Daniel 1:20).

So even as you sit there with your face twisted as you read this letter because you may lack the faith and confidence to press on, I will close with this: God has ordained a destiny for you. Do not sit idle and watch it pass by. Have faith, prepare yourself, and regain your confidence.

Stop settling and BE THE BEST!!!

Egotistically Yours,

P.S. Its not about being concieted…its about overachieving.



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