A revolution is often associated with a movement created to challenge the narrow-minded view of a certain culture.   A revolution is also associated with music or literature and not fashion as the spark of rebellious inceptions.

Usually fashion is only associated with a superficial or physical change.  But the fashion team of ROJENI (Nicole and Ron) are eager souls wanting to rebel against the standard in fashion design. Rojeni also wants to use its forward thinking design revolution to educate its attired enthusiasts.

Tell us about Rojeni.
The name origin for Rojeni is “Ron in a joint enterprise with Nicole.” Basic. This left us open for design possibilities.
How do you see Rojeni changing fashion?
Our aim is to educate our customers and well as clothe them. Rojeni stands for clothes not only for the sake of fashion but also as a means to inform others of our history. Again, as my brother Ron stated, the past is never past.
Where does inspiration for your fashion come from?
We are inspired by many different genres of fashion, music and history. Our brand aspires to be a representation of the African Diaspora and the New Gentleman of today. Our roots are in Dandyism, Jazz and the 20th century Black man.
What kinds of ideas are you auditioning?
We create looks for the people and we will allow some influence from the people. We are auditioning ideas to move the brand forward and expand our collection.
Talk about how fashion affects our society?
How you dress is a reflection of how you want others to perceive you. That said, if you want respect, power, prestige, all the things that were taken away from the slave upon arrival in America, you must dress the part. Clothes will not necessarily get you into an upgraded status, but it will certainly bring you closer. It is old news that no matter how rich you are, people tend to respect you more if you are dressed like money. Try it the next time you go to the airport. If you have on a suit or a vest, trust that TSA will take fewer issues with you.
What roads did you take to arrive at the creation of Rojeni?
Ron and I both graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, so we have the formal arts background to make this brand a hit. We wanted to do a collabo where art meets fashion, but not so much cutting edge that you bleed. 
Where can we see Rojeni on display? 
Production is still underway, but we plan on being sold in boutiques in NY, Memphis, Atlanta and Chicago soon. Stay tuned for more details. Currently, pieces are being made to order.
What is the future of fashion?
Finally we are moving away from the traditional huge, saggy pants and men today desire a more close fitting European silhouette. Additionally, men are taking more risks with traditional pants silhouettes and are returning to more structured pants: larger in the crotch or hip area and tapered towards the calf and ankle.
What are some fashion do’s or don’ts?  If any.
  1) Wear clothes that fit you and not too big or small. Just because you see a new trend doesn’t mean you must wear it exactly as was given. Dont be afraid to modify a look to compliment your body type.
2) Don’t mess up a great look with bad shoes. Please make use if personal shoppers within a store or hire a stylist for special occasions.

Anything else you want to add?
Fashion is usually seen as entertainment, but Rojeni will info-tain you.


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